When is your Creative Time?

I am a morning person.

I like to get up in the morning exercise, spend some time outside, do my computer work and any paperwork I need to complete.

After my busy work is done, that is when I can be creative. I need to have projects and paperwork off my mind so I can spend my afternoon feeling my most creative.

Everyone has a different schedule and when they feel most productive.

What is your best time of the day?

When do you feel most creative?

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  1. mornings work best for me. I get the most work doing in the early mornings. I just like the quiet and peacefulness you get before people start waking up.

  2. Mornings! Before anything else has a chance to clutter my mind!

  3. Mornings too, usually around 10 or so, then I can go almost steady till around 3 or 4.

  4. My best time is evening or even night. But sometimes it's whole days... Crazy!

  5. Our schedules are much the same :) I like to get up early and drink my coffee and get caught up on computer work. After a workout and a shower, it's time to get crafty!

  6. Oh I so envy you. I do wish I were a morning person but my clock is set to late evening. If my brain had its way, I'd sleep until noon and stay up until the sun broke the horizon and touched the night sky with its glowing light.


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