DIY Friday - Glass

Recycling old glass or second hand glasses or jars is a great way to create a beautiful new object to use in your home.

Updating old glass items is easy and fun. Give these projects a try.

frosted glass
milk glass
gilded glass
mercury glass
etched glass
What fun glass projects have you tried?

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  1. Hi Val- please hop over to my blog to win a bracelet 7 more up for grabs to celebrate my 100 followers, you have always support me and i want you to win one.Much love Chelsea

  2. Milk glass is always so pretty!
    And of course I love etched glass :)

  3. I've been wanting to try that mercury glass after seeing the tutorial online. Now I just need to find the right thing to "mercury-ize" :-)

  4. I used to do glass etching several years ago. Now I am going to try glass painting.

  5. Great projects and all so simple! I haven't experimented with re-purposing old glass, but it looks like a lot of fun.

  6. Each of the arrangements are lovely. For some reason I'm really drawn to the frosted glass pitcher and glass - maybe just because it is filled with orange juice which makes it look cool and refreshing. :)

  7. Hi Val please send me your address!! for your bracelet!

  8. Do you know where the original links are for these glass projects? I'd like to try the mercury one but there aren't any instructions here. Thanks!


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