Your Creative Space - Re-invent your Storage

We are always looking for space to store our supplies. Your creative space does not have to be boring and full of plastic bins. Today I have ideas for using everyday items and turning them into unique storage options for your creative space.

Click here for a huge selection of ideas for using tin cans
peg board 
Simple idea and practical
Check out these creative ideas
Simple and very cool - create any configuration you want
Access to pallets - great shelf idea
What have you recycled to store your creative supplies?

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  1. When you think of it, storage space is a greta part of working space, so reinventing it is really important!

  2. My supplies are, for the most part, still in the boxes used to move last year, so it's a little cumbersome whenever I need to dig for things. Then I end up finding stuff I forgot I had! To be honest, my craft room looks like it exploded.

  3. Funny - I've been scouring online for all sorts of organizing ideas! I just gave up my creative space (my own room) so my growing teens could have their own bedrooms. :-( So now I'm combining my space with existing office/computer space. A little challenging but I've been finding some great solutions online.

    I love the tin cans idea - it's amazing how pretty and useful you can make an every day item.

  4. I've been needing to see more posts like this. My studio is a messssss. Mostly because some things are very small, and other things (like paper) are several feet wide and it's hard to find cheap shelves for that.