The winner of yesterdays One Day Giveaway will be announced tomorrow. 
See you then!

Here is an inspiring thoughts for today.

Now is the time...

To observe nature
Nature is a wonderful teacher
Whether you live in the city or the wilderness, lessons abound.
See how nature adapts to the changing world around it.
Admire its persistence and marvel at its resilience.

From the book Now is the Time by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. I do miss the natural beauty of Washington State with the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula. There is even a no-fly zone over them so that people can appreciate the quiet w/o hearing planes flying overhead to and from Seattle.

  2. Sometimes we have to cram so much into each day, that appreciation falls to the side. This is a great photo and a good lesson. TFS!

  3. Yes, it's definitely important to appreciate nature. Photography helps me do that - I really notice the beauty of things, because I always notice what would make a good photo. :)

    Good luck to everyone who entered the one day giveaway!

  4. Beautiful! I wish I had more time to spend with nature!


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