DIY Friday - Vases

Flowers are the perfect way to add a touch of spring to your home. A unique handcrafted vase will make them even more special. Check out these simple DIY ideas for creating vases that have your own personal touch.

Painted Glass Vases
Coil Wrapper Vase
Twig Vase
Tape Vase
Glass and paper Vase
PVC pipe vase
How do you like to display flowers in your home?

Inspired Success week is back! Starts Monday.

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  1. The washi tape vase looks like a fun project! Jeans-covered vases seem to be all the rage over here now!
    Happy Friday!

  2. Beautiful ideas! I love the simplicity of the clear glass with a swill of bright paint.

  3. Fun mix of ideas! I don't like keeping a lot of flower items around, as I think its kind of tacky with my name. We do have a few simple vases that we use on occasion.

  4. I really like the tape idea. All my vases are clear, so I will have to try this idea.

  5. So many ideas. I love the first photo with the simple paint on part of the glass. That can be customized in so many ways!


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