Fill Your Jar

When you get stuck trying to come up with an idea, or need a little inspiration, don't you wish you had ideas written down and ready to go?

You can!

Use those times when you are full of ideas and inspiration, to sit down and write down all your ideas. Write down everything, ideas you want to try, inspiring quotes, project you want to start, color combination, creative ideas, other mediums you want to work with, and whatever inspiration comes your way.

You should write down your inspired ideas every time you get them and start keeping them in you Jar of inspiration.

Find a pretty jar, box, or container, or decorate one, and start filling it with your ideas. Make sure your jar is big enough for all you ideas.

Here are some decorating ideas to get you started.

fabric covered
Every time you are stuck or need some inspiration pull out a slip of paper from you Jar of Inspiration, and let the idea inspire you. Sometimes all you need is a word, a color, or a completely new idea to rejuvenate your creative process.

What do you do when you need a boost of inspiration?

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  1. It's true! Thankfully I've kept a creative journal which I leaf through whenever I feel a bit stuck.
    Love the lace jars :)

  2. The jar idea is perfect! Those ideas can grow even greater when you pull one out! These decoupage jars are so neat.

  3. My ideas are spread out on post it notes, in notebooks, on random slips of paper! I love the jar idea...and those painted jars are so cool!

  4. this is a brilliant idea. I keep some 'books of pretty things' with stuff pasted and drawn into them. Or I check out Pinterest and craft websites for inspiration.

  5. Great advice! I love the jars pictures, especially the last one.

  6. The jars are inspiring themselves! I keep a notebook close at hand for writing down the ideas as they come. It's fun to look through it and see the ideas I had forgot about.

  7. Yes! I love this! Sure beats sifting through many, many random pages of discarded lists on my desk!

  8. Pretty jars!

    I write mine in a spiral notebook. I have pages of ideas and ways to make them jotted down.

    Thanks for sharing


  9. Great idea, mine are in a book, but I like this, too. Something pretty to look at and a surprise to pull out an idea you might have forgotten.

  10. Hey Valerie, That's a great idea. Even better than a cookie jar. ;)

  11. I love popping by. There is always something to try or think about and be grateful for. thank you again!!!

  12. Yes, yes, and yes! I've been doing this subconsciously though not filling jars but just a notepad! It is a great way to fuel creativity in no time.

  13. That's such a fantastic idea, I love it! It would be fabulous if you put a whole bunch of inspiring quotes in, and then pulled one out when you were feeling particularly unmotivated; I bet it would help a lot. :) Such a wonderful suggestion - thank you!

  14. The doilies on those vintage jars is so cute and fresh. I adore it. :)


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