Motivation Monday

Think of your day as a canvas.

You have control of what goes on your canvas, and you can paint your day your way.

We go through our day cluttering up our canvas with info from the internet, gossip, commercials, and politics. None of these outside factors paint a pretty picture.

The more control you have over your day, what you do, and how you work, the easier it will be to stay motivated, make good business choices, and reach your creative goals.

Open up Drive in Be free by soulstokesstudio
Start your day with a blank canvas, and fill it with colors, shape, and texture that will guide you to greater success.

How are you filling up your blank canvas?

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  1. Now, this is the advice I need so very often! Thank you for making me stop and think. So often I let my email define my days, although I have a schedule...

  2. This is perfect, and actually goes along well with the post I did today! I'm taking control of my time, and I'll hopefully be able to accomplish more of what I really want to do with my new schedule. You could say that I'm organizing my art supplies so that I'll be able to paint a better canvas! ;)

  3. I love this, such a simple thought but soooo very true!

  4. How perfect! I am working on some new illustrations today... so yes, filling up my blank canvas. ;)

  5. I am such a time waster, but I'm working on being more productive with my time. For me, it's easier said than done!

  6. I needed this today - I always look forward to Motivation Monday.

  7. Ah, I love the idea of imagining the day as a blank canvas. Great idea!

    <3 Kelly

    Ps, Valerie, I just launched my new website and blog. I would love for you to check it out. :)

  8. This really is a refreshing thought, the chance that each day is an opportunity to paint your picture anew. Such a comforting thought. :)


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