Take a Risk

I recently read a blog post from new follower Lisa of Soul Stokes Studio, about taking a risk

She shares in her post  how she is going to take a risk in 2012 and commit to building her business from the ground up.

Take a risk by soulstrokesstudio
Lisa's post got me thinking. I am good about planning for my business and coming up with big ideas, but sometimes I just have take bigger risks to see growth in my business.

In an article I recently read about being a better risk taker I found some great tips to putting yourself out there and achieving success.

So next time you are unsure about a project consider these 4 tips:

Create your own rules - Figure out what will cause you to stop your activity. Knowing that you can back out if you get that iffy feeling, lets you move forward without any hesitation.

Mentally prepare - Take the time to mentally look ahead and see all the steps involved, and all the details. By the time you are ready to start you will feel totally prepared.

Think for yourself -  Tune out anyone telling you not to try, or it can't be done. Use your own common sense to reach a conclusion that is best for you.

Don't go overboard - Only take on one risky project at a time. If you invest your time into one project at a time you will increase your chances for success.

Step out of your box, set big goals for yourself, and don't hold back. Success can be yours in 2012.

Are you a risk taker?

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  1. Loved those tips:) I am a risk taker, though I feel at a cross-roads now and am not sure which direction to take. So, am taking time out to learn knitting:):)

  2. Love it! I've been doing those since I got pregnant with my baby girl and it's been doing wonders. Thanks for the re-affirmation!

  3. I haven't been a risk taker in the past, but my mindset has recently changed, and I keep thinking of more ways to get my products out there - like finding places to try and sell my items (like gift shops in hotels, theaters, and maybe museums), and being bold in finding places to get ads placed or get featured, like my favorite magazines and blogs. It's really pumping me up... now if only I had the time to do it all...

    1. Kim, I am the same way I get all these ideas and then I have to find the time to get them started. Remember to just take on one project at a time. It's much easier to get things done and the success you have with that project will make it easier to start the next. You handmade books are so cool, I'm sure once you put yourself out there you will succeed.

  4. I have to admit I'm not a risk taker. But I need to think for myself and quit letting others talk me out of the things I want to do.

    1. Annette, don't let people talk you out of your ideas. Just go for it, and success will follow!

  5. Great tips. I especially like the last one about not going overboard. I have been taking baby steps in growing my business. It works without getting stressed out!

  6. These are excellent pieces of advice; #3 is a tough one, but doable and will make you stronger. TFS!

  7. These are great tips, considering that I often fall in the trap of overdoing. Thinking for yourself is essential as well since it is so easy to become a copycat.