Cozy Accessories

It has been a relativity warm winter in the Midwest until this week. With all the cool air rolling in it makes me want new warm and cozy accessories. I put together this collection of some of my favorite cozy finds on Etsy.

Purple burgundy colored fingerless gloves by doknitting
Upcycled Sweater Necklace by GarageCoutureClothes
Felted Scarf Nuno Felted silk and wool scarf by sesenarts
Hand knit Scarf Shawl Cowl Wrap by peacefulpath
Chunky loop infinity scarf by loopdeedoo
Custom Made Chunky Crochet Slouchy Hat by sedruola

Visit each of theses Etsy shops and find your own cozy accessories to keep you warm this January.

What is your favorite accessory to keep you warm?

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  1. Love those fingerless gloves!

    I love scarves...I have a couple that I've had for years. They were handmade gifts and I love the fact that they are warm and how much effort went into making them. :-)

  2. Great pieces. I love the colorful felted scarf. I am into great winter coats, which I know is not really an accessory!

    New England is having the same type of mild winter (except for this week too). I am loving it after last year!

  3. Feeling some chill right now, so love this post! That first pair of gloves is gorgeous- love the color/ texture. I'm actually starting to work on a new knitwear line for next winter...it's about time!

  4. The fingerless gloves and a big cup of coffee is exactly what I need right now.

  5. oo--that first pair looks really cool. Personally my favorite accessory for keeping cool is a mug of hot chocolate. Works better than any mitten for me.

  6. Those fingerless gloves are super cute!

    I am currently in love with scarves - less for warmth, more for fashion.

  7. Hi Valerie and thank you for including my felted scarf. I love those fingerless gloves, but then I love anything plum coloured! x Julie

  8. It's been unseasonably cold here this week too, just out of the blue... but I guess it is still January... haha... Love that green scarf, pretty!! ♥

  9. Love that peaceful path shawl wrap!

  10. Thanks for including my handknit scarf/shawl. Love you color selections!

  11. Yes now days its too cold and every body like to wear warm cloths and you have given and great collection and i like gloves and all scarfs.

  12. I am a fan of nuno felted scarves. I think they are just beautiful. Felting is hugely popular here in Lithuania and I have noticed many Lithuanians selling their felted goods (especially slippers) on etsy.


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