Inspiring Gift Wrap - Week 3

Only 5 more day till Christmas, the stores are packed, and you forgot the wrapping paper. Today I have lots of easy ideas for creating your own packaging with things you can find around your home.

Creative Filler Ideas

Pine needles - Trim your Christmas tree or one for outside
Straw -
Peanuts (in the shell) - They will protect your gift and the recipient can eat them.
Filling from an old pillow

Patchwork Ribbon

Have a lot of ribbon ends that are to short for packages? With some Stitch Witchery (fabric binding tape),  an iron, and your ribbon remnants you can create these fun eclectic ribbons.

Office Copy Room Recycling

Their are lots of fun things you can recycle from an office. Look for colorful photocopies, charts, graphs, calendar pages, flip charts, anything over sized or colorful would work great.

I had an old desk calendar that I did not use this year so I turned it into wrapping paper. It has been fun creating my own designs.  I am going to let my husband and daughter create their own as well.

All it took was an the old desk calendar and some markers. I just ripped off a page flipped it over (it was solid white on the back) and had fun designing my own paper.

More ideas

•Sonya from Kanelstrand blog wrote a guest blog post for Green Living Ideas Blog and she has lots of great ideas in her post Green Holiday Gift Wrap. Check out all her fun suggestions.

•Want some unique ideas? The book Simply Green Giving by Danny Seo has lots of suggestions.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create your own wrapping and packaging this holiday season.
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  1. great ideas! I love the filler ideas - I am always looking for filler...

  2. Haha, I LOVE the creative filler ideas!! And not only are they funner to open, they're also MUCH more eco-friendly than those horrible styrofoam packing peanuts. Not to mention they're much prettier!

    Very cute wrapping paper, too. It looks like you've been getting really creative this year! Love it! :D

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