Your Favorite Holiday Traditions

I love the look of this table setting
For several years now our Thanksgivings have been me, my husband and daughter, and my sister. So every year we keep things very informal and try to create a new ways to enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner.

Each year I try to come up something different for our meal,  I have put the turkey on the grill (one of the best turkeys I every cooked), we had chicken wings (a family favorite) instead of turkey, one year I created a 4 course meal, that included homemade soup, salad, main course, and desert with a very formal table.

I might try this for our table this year
We try to be creative every year with not only our meal but our table setting and centerpieces.  We decide as a family what our theme is going to be each year, and my daughter, sister, and I have a craft day where we create fun decorations for the table.

These simple and creative Thanksgivings have become a family holiday favorite, and we look forward to it every year.

What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?

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  1. I agree that a pretty table no matter how many people are at your event always makes it feel that much more special.

    I always try and set a pretty table. Our tradition is me baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies...I've been making them every Holiday season for about 20 years. It just wouldn't feel like the Holidays without them.

  2. Ah, I have never ever celebrated thanksgiving and the only thing I do is to follow the excitement coming from the U.S. and try to imagine what it actually is.

  3. our Thanksgiving up here in Canada is much simpler and on a Monday
    so not too many traditions
    mostly we eat and complain about turkey leftovers all the following week (though most of us secretly love them!)

  4. That sounds like such a great tradition, Valerie, and so much fun! Coming up with a theme and switching things up each year is a great idea. :) I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving tomorrow! <3


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