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DIY Sandal Wall Hanging

I love my Vera Wang sandals, but I didn't have a great place to keep them. I didn't have room for a good shoe holder, and I wasn't about to smash them into a box or drawer. Then I got the idea to hang them on the wall. After a few simple steps and maybe 10 minutes, I had a creative way to store my sandals (and have they always be ready at a moment's notice). Plus, it gets them out of the way and up off the floor for when the cold weather comes - don't want any dirty road salt dripping on my sandals, thank you very much.

What you need:

- Sandals (duh)
- Ribbon - any width you want, I used some that found in my leftovers pile
- Buttons - one for every shoe. I was lucky to find enough of the same kind of button for my project, but if you're into a multi-button, or even multi-color string look, go for it!

Here's what you do:

1a. Lay the sandals on the floor as far apart as you'd like them to be when they're hung (don't forget to account for gravity) - you'll only need 2 pairs for this.

b. Lay a button slightly above each sandal.

c. Take the ribbon and stretch it out from the button above the top pair of shoes, through the toe loops on the bottom pair of shoes, then up to the button above the bottom pair of shoes. Add a bit extra to make a loop around the button, and that's your length for each ribbon. Cut one of these for each shoe. Keep the buttons where they are (so you know how far down they need to be).

2a. Take one piece of ribbon, button on top where it needs to be, then take another ribbon and put it under the first ribbon. The bottom ribbon should start just above where the button is.

b. Sew the button through both pieces of ribbon.

c. On the top piece of ribbon, measure the distance from the top down to the button (feel free to guesstimate). Go that far down on the bottom piece of ribbon and place the next button. Take another piece of ribbon, and repeat steps 2a-b until all your ribbons are sewn together.

3. Remember the extra you left for the button when you were measuring the ribbon? On the bottom end of each piece of ribbon, fold it back and sew it to make a loop. Make a loop on the top of the top-most ribbon so you have a way to hang it (I hung mine from tacks).

That's it!

I know, it looks like a lot of steps, but it's really not. To attach the shoes, do it just like you laid out your ribbon. 

What creative ways do you store your shoes?

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  1. That is such a great idea! My sandals are always piled up on each other and my kids get them and hide them all the time. They like to play with anything they aren't supposed to have. This would store better, save space and keep them out of there little hands.

  2. Very interesting idea!! Flip flops tend to just pile up everywhere and look messy and the ones that have flowers on the toes etc...tend to get squished...great solution!


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