DIY with Kzieglerdesign

I had a pair of blue Converse sneakers that fit well, but never wore. I didn't like how they blended in with my jeans - I prefer a pop of color on my feet. One day, I decided to attack them with a Sharpie, and now they're purple!

After they were all colored, I set them in the open window for a couple hours to get the stink out. So far, the color's rubbed off on the laces a bit, and I haven't worn them in the rain yet, but I have a feeling the color won't run too much. Just be sure to not wear your favorite socks the first time :)

The best part is, this process will work great on pretty much any kind of shoe, just make sure to give them enough time to dry.

What color would you make your shoes?

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  1. That is so funny - I had a pair of converse all stars shoes in middle school. It was the first 'cool' piece of clothing my mom ever let me have. I wore them so much that they were dull fast. I did the same thing to freshen them up.

  2. Haha, that's a fun way to get a new pair of shoes, cheap! ;) Purple's awesome. I'd definitely like having a pair of purple shoes. :)


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