Streamlining: Everyday solutions to simplify

De-cluttering small spaces

Do you have junk drawer? How often are you trying to find something that should be at your fingertips?

The task of removing clutter can be overwhelming. Starting with a small space can help decrease feeling overwhelmed. Once you have conquered a small space move up to larger spaces. Try the steps below for instant gratification:

Step 1: Choose a space to de-clutter

Step 2: Take a picture and print the image (having a before shot will be a good reminder of what to avoid in the future)

Step 3: Remove EVERYTHING

Step 4: Create 3 piles
  • Items to put back
  • Items that belong somewhere else (put away or give away right away – don’t start new clutter)
  • Items to throw away or recycle (dispose of)
Step 5: Determine the best method of organization, for example:
  • Junk drawer – divide drawer into sections with a jewelry tray, cardboard cut to size, silverware tray or purchase draw divider
  • Bookshelf – magazine boxes, book ends or storage boxes
  • Car trunk – milk create, plastic bins, reusable bags or purchase a trunk organizer

Step 6: Using your new method of organization, replace items and take a picture!

Simplify your life by following the above steps to increase productivity and effeciency.

What ways will simplifying help you?

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  1. Personally I love a good junk draw, but must admit that it has to be neat otherwise it's just way to messy. I like your tips and thanks so much for sharing...!

  2. I love that she include recycling in getting rid of items. so many organizer/declutter blogs out there just tell you to toss it!!

  3. I need some more organization. I've been slowly tackling all those small areas. My problem is, my husband goes behind me and clutters it all over again.

  4. great suggestions, thank you. I don't have too bad of a junk drawer, the problem is the stuff that is out on the counter tops, table tops, etc.

    and then there is my work space. full of charms that now don't fit in the organizer, my yarn and fabric bins full, and a non-existent filing system for all my packing supplies and paperwork. that is a big task, scary too. but soon, I will have to tackle that....because I find I am staying far away from it, and just grabbing what I need and working elsewhere because of the mess, thus creating a new mess.

  5. Great decluttering tips! Many of us have the crazy junk drawer! ~Val

  6. Good tips! It's so satisfying to take a cluttered area and clean it up, don't you think? :)


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