Streamlining: Everyday solutions to simplify

The following series will have suggestions to organize your spaces and save time. Stay tuned for monthly transferrable quick tips.

Zoning – Work Space

In the blog post Transformations 2010, detail accounts were given for the reorganization of Valerie’s studio. The technique used to maximize flow in her studio is called zoning.

To optimize efficiency in your studio or work space try the following steps:

1. Assessment – determine how the space is going to be used (for example in Valerie’s studio we created the following zones - work space, resources, and storage)

2. Placement – arrange furniture or items in locations for ease and access

3. Evaluation – try working in your space then determine if everything is placed correctly, if not, move things around until it feels right

In the case of Valerie’s studio, we created the storage zone in areas that are hip down and not overhead. The work zone is in an open square, so she can roll her chair from one location to another. Lastly, her resources are at eye level so she can see and reach for them easily.

When working in a tight space, zoning will also work, try to:
  • designate shelves or drawers for like items
  • use labeled stackable boxes and magazine files on the shelves
  • in drawers create a filing system
  • on work surfaces, use labeled trays
The boxes, files, and trays will serves as the zones and aide in finding things quickly.

No matter the size of your space, try to leave at least one spot clear of clutter. Often cluttered spaces can be overwhelming, making difficult to know where to start each day. The uncluttered space will be your open zone – a space for a daily fresh start.

How do you using zoning in you home office or studio?

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  1. Great tips! I always find it easier to work in my space when it is organized! ~Val

  2. Such great tips - I had a huge studio in our house in VA and downsized quite a bit moving to MO. I'm working in a small space and often take over the kitchen. I'm definitely using these tips! Thank you for saving me!

  3. Ooh, organizing! I'm a neat freak - I love things to be organized. It looks/sounds like you guys did a great job on Valerie's studio!


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