Emotions and Creativity

EMOTION  by sasaalliimm
I know some artists who create their best work when they are stressed, angry, or full of emotion. They find that emotional state opens them up to create.

I personally don't create well when I am emotional or stressed. I need my mind to be at peace to do my best work. When I create I listen to books on CD, and I get totally engrossed into the story I am listening to and my projects.

When I am upset or stressed out I find the writing is a better way for me to destress and leave my worries behind.

Do your emotions affect your creativity?

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  1. I prefer to be relaxed when working. Music helps me maintain that state of mind! Best of luck trying to find that delicious wine. :) ~Val

  2. I find that if I'm very emotional, if I throw myself into my craft, my brain can work on the situation, calm me and give me perspective.

  3. Do your emotions affect your creativity? I have to pace myself and step away if I'm aggravated by something.

  4. If I'm in a grumpy mood and try to sew...I always make mistakes and then get more frustrated!!

    I stay away from the sewing machine on those days!

  5. I can't create anything beautiful when I am under stress. I cannot even take decent photos! I am much like you - listen to audio books or music, or just enjoying the silence. If I am emotional while creating it is positive only when it has to do with the creative process, like getting crazily inspired!

  6. I love my art to be uplifting and positive. If I am not in a good place no paint will touch my brushes, it is often a waste of my time and products.However I have discovered Art Journalling and it works wonders at keeping my stress at bay. Good music always helps my creative side flow easier when painting. Thank you for post this topic. Keep well and thrive!


  7. YES! I'm not one of those people who needs sadness to get the best out of their art. I just don't want to do anything when I'm in that mood!

  8. Hm... well, when I'm upset I usually curl up with a book, or let out steam in my journal. I'm usually creative by writing, but I don't really write poetry or novels when I'm really angry or upset, so I'd say no, I don't release my emotions with my 'art'.

    Listening to a book on CD while crafting is a cool idea!

  9. I think I do better work when I'm under stress lol! even though I'm freaking out, it gives me that rush! :)

    <3 Kelly

  10. I definitely can't create when stressed. I need calm and quiet, and like you I am better journalling when feeling unhappy or grumpy. Julie

  11. When I was younger and did mixed media art and wrote poems, I did my best work when I was unhappy or emotional. However, doing graphic design these days, I think I do my best work when I'm in a better mood.


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