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How To Make a Ribbon Flower

It's gradually getting colder outside, but I always like to cling to summer as long as possible with these adorable ribbon flowers.

What you need:
- Thread, needle, pin

- 12-18 inches of ribbon, any size/color/shape you like. Use multiple strands in different sizes to create a layered effect

- Scissors

- Small scrap of a strong, sturdy fabric, like leather or felt

What to do:
1. Fold one end of the ribbon to the back side at an angle and pin.

2. On the longer side, stitch along the edge to the other end. Use wide stitches, and leave extra thread at the end.

3. With a new piece of thread, stitch the sturdy fabric scrap to the back side of the angled edge (where you pinned it). This will be the center base of the flower.

4. Take the extra bit of thread from the first seam and pull on it, scrunching up the ribbon. As it scrunches, start wrapping the ribbon around the center until you come to your desired shape and amount of layers for the flower.

5. Hold the shape tight, and fold the flat end of the ribbon in, to the inside. Sew zig-zags through the back edges of the flower and the sturdy fabric until the flower is secure.

From there, you can attach the flower to hair bands, bobby pins, or use hot glue to attach it to magnets, pins, or buttons.

What color would you make with your ribbon flower?

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  1. Cool! I have a huge stash of stretchy headbands that I bought for...something??? Those will work great.

    Thanks again!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Great tutorial with pics!!

    A great place that I find "pinning" works really well is into my ironing board. It seems to hold it secure and doesn't wiggle around. :-)

  3. That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I'm going to have to give these a try with holiday colors for Christmas gifts!

  4. This looks to be a very easy tutorial, thanks! Maybe these might be a good school fundraiser in school colors? Holiday colors would be nice, too.

  5. Great tutorial! There is so much you can do with these flowers!

  6. Thanks everyone! And you're welcome :)

  7. ohhh lovely!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Very interesting blog.

  8. Lovely tutorial! I would definitely love to make some gold tone flowers for the upcoming seasons :)


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