Summer Fun

Summer is about hanging out in the park, taking vacation, bike riding, gardening, swimming, going on picnics, outside concerts, and going to art shows and festivals.

There is always something you can do, or someplace to go during the summer.

My summer has been about shopping and getting my daughter prepared for moving into the dorms next week, having coffee and lunch dates with friends, relaxing on my deck, and visiting with family.

It has been a busy summer, but we have also had a lot of fun too.

What have you been doing for fun this summer?

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  1. Lots and lots of gardening, working/shopping at farmers markets, backpacking and moving into a new home (in a new town). I think my favorite thing thus far about summer is the abundance of food that grows and buying that food from local farmers. That is something I always miss dearly in the winter.

  2. I can't believe it's almost over, but this summer we explored the area a little (moved here last year) and tried to mix lots of relaxation with some fun. Took kids rock climbing, rock hunting, and put up a swing in the yard. Nothing like swinging in the afternoons.....

  3. It sounds like your summer has been nice, Valerie! Mine has FLOWN by, as usual, but it's not quite over; at the end of September we're going on vacation. :) It'll be fun! Still, it seems like the season went by in the blink of an eye. I'm sure your daughter's getting nervous/excited about college about now...! :D

  4. Sounds like your summer has been wonderful!

    Ours has been all about settling in as newlyweds and my pursuing as many creative projects as possible.

    Happy Friday :)

  5. I spent the better part of the summer doing classes, so that I could finish up before transferring to a different school. But I definitely caught up on reading, had nice outside time with my family, and even managed to squeeze in a quick beach trip! :)

  6. Looks like your has been fun. Here the high temps and humidity took away from summer concets and craft shows.

    I did go to MI for a weekend and have been beading like crazy and decluttering.

  7. I am glad to hear everyone is having a busy but good summer!

  8. You are so right, summer is all that! I just came back from the most romantic of walks with my husband. Lying under the blue sky and counting fluffy clouds. I love it when it is warm and quiet and you can only hear the birds and the occasional woodpecker. Ah, the charms of summer...

  9. I have been spending time w/ friends and family eating delicious meals! :) Summer truly is best spent with friends and family!

    <3 Kelly


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