Reading for Inspiration

I was really bummed to hear Borders bookstore was closing. One of my favorite things to do when I need inspiration is to head to the bookstore and spend an afternoon looking at magazines and books. 

I am going to miss my quite time hanging out in the bookstore.  I guess I will have to do more hanging out in my local library and reading at home.

The hardest thing about reading at home is all the distraction. When I sit at the bookstore or library I don't have the computer, or my supplies, or even those nagging chores starring back at me to get up and do something.

Creating a space just for reading can help with getting away from those distraction and enliven your reading experience.

The best position for reading is sitting at a table in a comfortable chair. You will find that you comprehend more and have more clarity of thought. Lying down and lounging may feel comfortable, but these positions are not good for alertness or concentration.

Try to find a space with the least amount of distraction and good lighting.

If you are doing a lot of reading remember to take breaks to avoid eye fatigue.

When you are reading for inspiration keep in mind your creative needs. The more you are aware of your needs the easier it will be to make a connection between ideas, concepts, and insights, as well as making it easier to grasp ideas.

Find the time and the perfect spot so you can read more often. The more you read the more you will develop your knowledge of creative thinking strategies and idea generation techniques.

What do you like to read for inspiration?

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  1. This is so sad. The Borders in my hometown has delicious coffee and now I won't be able to go there anymore to sip the lovely cup of joe and browse the store. I rarely purchase books and love the library for that money saving reason. Now if only libraries would allow us to bring a cup of coffee in it would be perfect! ~Val

  2. It takes little more than a really good book for me! The past 4 days I holed up in the house and did little more than read straight through The Help- so good!!!

  3. Val, your right if I could bring in a drink and a snack the library would be perfect.

    Nancy, it was a great book, I can't wait to see the movie.

  4. Some books get me thinking about designing - I'll be sitting there reading while designing furniture/rooms in my head at the same time. There was one book I read that inspired the idea for a whole room I'm going to have someday when I have my own house - a study. Covered in bookshelves and maps, done in reds and dark browns. I actually built the coffee table/bookshelf that was made to go in that room. It doesn't match anything I have now (which kinda bugs me), but it will be one of the centerpieces of the room. I love it :D


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