Shopping Handmade

You go to an art show or a gallery and you look at all the cool handcrafted art, you see lots of pieces you really like, but what makes you want to break out your wallet and make a purchase?

There are lots of things that go through our mind when we are considering making a purchase of a handcrafted item:

Personal taste 

Trends & Styles 




Work Ethic 

These are the same things our customers our thinking about when they are shopping in our online shops.  This is why some people love your shop and some people don't.

It has taken me a while, but I have come to realize that not everyone is going to like what I create.

That's why I don't worry about trying to please everyone anymore, and give the customers who love my work the best designs I can create and the best service.

What does it take for you to take out your wallet and purchase handcrafted items?

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  1. You know, I'm a relatively practical person, but also so sentimental. If I see something that just makes me smile, and I have the money, I'll buy it. Who doesn't want to be surrounded by things that make them smile?
    I can absolutely identify with what you said! You can't please everyone. In fact, my mom and I are looking at our business saying,'Why are we making so much stuff that isn't "us"?' I realize it's important to make things you don't like sometimes, but I believe people feel a connection with what you make when you truly put your personality into it.

  2. quality, color, and something a little different. i love when you can tell an artist has a bit of a sense of humor or playfulness in their designs :D

  3. That's a very, very important lesson to learn, in my opinion. Just as all styles don't speak to me, I know my style won't speak to everyone with some extra cash to spend. :) I have to really love something, can't get it out of my mind thing. I tend to go for earth friendly creators (no surprise there!) and lately I find great joy in supporting my blogger friends. If they've created a work of art, and I see it, and love it... I buy it. I know it brings a smile to their face, and that's important to me. :) I also adore the truly unique creations I come across, creativity at work!

  4. That's a great way to think about things - "don't worry about trying to please everyone". Like everybody always says, it's not really possible!

    All you've got to do is create your best products and the buyers will come, right? :)

  5. i love looking at other people's handmade stuff. my problem with buying it is that i can usually make it myself, so i look to the handmade things as inspiration. i only buy when i have the money and either cant make it myself or have tried and failed and REALLY want it.


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