Processing Ideas

Everyday I get an idea for another new project. I write it down in my notebook, and then I think about for a week or so before I decide if it's an idea I want to use.

I recently had a post called "What's Holding You Back", where I shared a little about what is holding me back from putting some of my ideas into action.  Click here to check it out.

If I decide I want to work on an idea, I put some things into action. I create lists, do outlines, fill my calendar, and get to work.

Other ideas may require more research and planning, then I may start the process and work on them when I have more time.

One thing I do on a regular schedule are my blog posts.  Anytime I get an idea I put it in my idea notebook and then start a list of post I am going to do for the week.  I love my idea notebook and I carry one with me at all times.

People process their ideas differently.  Some people do vision boards, inspiration boards, planning calendars, or even work out their ideas in their journal. However you choose to plan is unique to you.

I would love to hear about your process. Please share a snapshot of what you do from idea to completion. I look forward to reading your responses.
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  1. Well, when I get an idea for a blog post or a photo, I usually just kind of roll it around in my head until I can sit down at the computer or take the camera outside to get the idea going. I don't really have much of a process developed... I like the idea of carrying around an idea notebook, though! I bet yours is always full of notes. :)

  2. I tend to utilize several~ I have an Inspiration/Vision Board, great ideas always pop up in my morning meditation and also on my walks, and I write in my journal each morning. I always mean to start a blog idea list, but whatever is most pressing is always what gets blogged about anyway! I find inspiration for blog posts everywhere I turn, and often have a hard time keeping up with ideas! I love being in the creative flow, the plans never stop coming when you're connected! You could create for a lifetime, and never 'catch up'! ;)


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!