Learn the "Language of Flowers®"

The "Language of Flowers®" represents 200 years of traditions, and is the specific meaning of each individual type of flower and their color.   

Flower symbolism and meaning reaches back to the early Chinese Dynasties, and was introduced to Europe in 1714.  Once introduced it flourished and grew into a very popular cultural movement in France, and then England and America.

The phrase "Language of Flowers" was first used in print in 1809 and during the 1800's more then 400 flower language dictionaries flooded the market.

The "Language of Flowers" is about romance, beauty, and traditions. Using the "Language of Flowers" is a wonderful way to share flower traditions to the people you love. 

Here is a short list of a few common flowers and their meanings.  Click here to see the complete list.

Red Rose - Love

Tulips - Declaration of love

Bluebells - Constancy

Mixed color carnations - Pride & Beauty and Health & Energy

Daisy - Innocence (my personal favorite flower)

Lily - Beauty, elegance, sweetness

Sunflower - Pride, appreciation

Zinnia - Thoughts of absent friends

What is your favorite flower?  

Don't forget to check the list and see what it means.
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  1. Wonderful post! I have always loved lilies. There is something about those petals and how they drape so beautifully...with elegance! ~Val

  2. how interesting! I love to find out the meaning of things.
    My favorite is the Iris.
    love the purple color ones, and the unusual petals. there used to be tiny wild ones in our yard that were beautiful, so I chose them for my wedding flower - in Oct. It is hard to get Iris in Oct......

  3. They are so beautiful - Making handmade soaps I've really expanded my knowledge of Botany. My next conquest will be making an edible flower salad!

  4. I think I like the bluebells the best; reminds me of being a kid! My most favorite flowers are lilacs!

  5. I can't help but love my namesake! Lotus! Symbol of purity and the soul...

  6. Daisies are also my favorite. Isn't it interesting how everything has a hidden meaning?

  7. I love learning the meanings behind things and flowers especially! I'm a huge fan of lilies, their size, gorgeous colors and delighful scent draw me in every time! Great post! :)

  8. Those are gorgeous! I love lilies, especially amaryllises. :) I also love bleeding hearts- not sure about the meaning behind those, though! :)

  9. My favorite flower is the peony...does anyone know if it has a meaning? I just love them, they're so pretty and feminine :)

  10. Allison the peony means bashful, and the red peony means devotion.

  11. Well that fits me perfectly then! I can be pretty bashful sometimes...


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