Creative Business - Make T-shirts

Marketing materials are essential for your business.  Business cards, postcards, tags, are just a few marketing materials that we use everyday.  To spread the word about my business I decided I wanted to print some t-shirts for my family and friends to wear over the summer.

I was thrilled when I  found a Etsy shop that created screens for screen printing giving me the opportunity to print my own t-shirts. Fibra Artysta creates high quality screens at very affordable prices.

Now if you are up for it you can create your own screens otherwise Fibra Artysta is easy to work with and very helpful so you get exactly what you want. Printing your own t-shirts requires very few supplies and the final quality was exceptional.

My t-shirts turned out great.  My sister and I wore them all week on our vacation and I will be printing t-shirts for everyone in my family. Printing was easy and once I got the hang of it fun.

Check out Fibra Artysta and start printing your own t-shirts.

What marketing materials have you had fun creating lately?

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  1. Awesome! It must be awesome to advertise your business on T-shirts. :) Fabulous!

  2. Cool! Did anyone ask you about it?

  3. Hi Nancy, we had a couple of people ask about them. They are going to be my new favorite shirts all summer.

  4. Thank you, thank you, I have been wanting to make some t-shirts for my non-profit, so this info was so timely:):)

  5. These are great! Very nicely done.

  6. Oh, now that looks like fun! I'll definitely have to go and check that out! What a great way to advertise! :)

  7. I love making T-Shirts. I actually redesign my old ones. I found the most amazing book about 5 years ago called '108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt.' I take all of my outdated and worn ones and turn them into dressy tops, skirts, beach wear, you name it!

  8. Everything soap I love that book. I got it for my daughter and it was full of lots of fun ideas.


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