Recycled Journals

I love journals!  I have a collection of journals that I have never used cause I don't want to mess them up.  I know that's crazy, but they are just to cool to write use.

I spend time every now and then checking out all the cool journals on Etsy.  Today I have a collection of journals by Etsy artists created with recycled materials.  All of them have a little something different to offer, check out there shops to see all their amazing creations.

Eco Art Journal by bellavioletta
Notebook and or Coloring Book cereal by Departika
Zig Zag wood modern black journal bound art by bound2last
Recycled Spiral Notebook 8.5x11 Journal by SlightlyEmbellished
Rustic Eco Journal in Teal Vegan Hemp and Recycled Rubber with pen holder by NaturesCubbyhole
Do you collect beautiful journals?

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  1. I've been thinking about writing in my journal the past few days, it just hasn't happened yet. :) I can't say I have that problem with not using journals, though... I've filled fourteen journals in seven years - I got my first one for my seventh birthday! And now I'm more than halfway through #15. There was one time when I wrote literally every single day!

    Great journal finds; particularly the recycled one. Recycled rocks!

  2. i have that problem with every journal i make. i feel like i never have anything 'good enough' to put in it. but i've decided to just get over it. it's working pretty well so far :)

  3. Taylor, #15 WOW and what dedication to write in it everyday. Keep writing!

    KZiegler, your books are so beautiful, I think they would have to be added to my collection of journals.

  4. How I love a beautiful journal. Those spiral notebooks by Slightly Embellished are so pretty... I'm heading over to take a closer peek! ;)

  5. Wow those journals are beautiful! Found you blog through the etsypreneurs team. I'm your nwest follower :)



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