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I am thrilled to have Melinda from Simply Smitten back with more facts and ideas to go green. If you missed her last post Two Simple Earth Friendly Ideas check out! Today Melinda shares information that will make you want to make real changes about the way you clean your house.
Thanks Melinda for sharing! 

While fear can often be the catalyst for change, it will never be the sustaining force behind any true and lasting life decisions, its energy is simply too low. For myself, however, I’ve found the easy motivation for permanent change ~ knowledge. If you’re anything like I was, you probably assume that the cleaning products you buy and use daily have been deemed safe by some well meaning branch of government that has your safety first and foremost. Based on the information I’ve accrued over the past several years, this is simply not so if your choices are to be truly earth friendly ones. A simple search of ingredients found in say, traditional air fresheners, reveals that they contain a wide array of dangerous chemicals, creating toxic indoor air. While it’s easy to get angry, I’ve found this is highly ineffective at creating change. I continue to choose the information route. Research, read, dig, learn. What you’ll find may surprise you.

Earth Friendly Lemongrass Cleaner
The safest, most non-toxic and green alternatives have been here all along. A box of baking soda. A bottle of white vinegar. Lemon juice. Remember that with each dollar that you spend, you cast a vote. Those companies that produce the chemical laden cleaners continue to do so because we’re buying them. If we stop purchasing, they’re going to find out exactly what we are buying, and alter their products accordingly. So, being ever mindful of not choosing a fearful approach, I invite you to read through the following information. Decide for yourself whether or not a change is necessary in how you approach cleaning, and move ahead. Not in fear, but with purpose. (If you do decide to dump the cleaners as I did, please check with your local town hall. Many are considered toxic waste and not recommended to be thrown in the trash!)

Some dangerous chemicals found in many glass cleaners

Severely corrosive
Dangerous to the eyes
Can burn the skin and is very harmful to inhale

Ethylene glycol
Irritant of the skin and lungs
Severe irritant of the eyes
Very harmful to inhale
Reproductive hazard
Hazardous to the environment

Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach)
Severe irritant of the eyes, skin and lungs
May cause burning of the skin
Irreversible eye injury
Inhalation may cause severe lung damage
Mixed with ammonia will create deadly fumes

Petroleum distillates
Irritants of the eyes, skin and lungs
May damage the central and peripheral nervous systems and respiratory system
Very harmful to inhale
May cause dizziness and loss of coordination

A Green Solution – Window Cleaner
1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
½ tsp Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap
8 drops clove bud essential oil (naturally antiseptic, repels ants)
Mix ingredients in an empty, clean spray bottle & clean windows as usual

Earth friendly recipes in purse
Dangerous chemicals found in floor cleaners

Ammonium hydroxide
Irritant of the eyes, nose, throat, skin and lungs
Causes irreparable damage to the respiratory tract
Hazardous to aquatic ecosystems

Dipropylene glycol methyl ether
Highly toxic compound
Severe irritant of the eyes, nose and throat
May have reproductive and developmental effects
Possibly damaging to the central nervous system
Hazardous to the environment

Irritant of the eyes, skin and lungs
Can be absorbed through the skin
Prolonged exposure can damage liver, kidneys, lymphatic system,
blood and blood-forming organs

A Green Solution- Floor Cleaner
2 gallons hot water
1 cup white vinegar
1 tbsp earth friendly dish soap
12 drops tea tree essential oil (natural solvent, kills germs & bacteria, antiseptic,
disinfectant, antifungal)
Mix well in bucket and mop as usual

Air Freshener eco-friendly lavender mist
Those are just a couple of the dangerous ingredients found in many commercial window cleaners and floor cleaners. I’ve found the green solutions are not only easy, but inexpensive as well. Baking soda and vinegar serve many purposes in my home and are far cheaper than their chemical counterparts. And if you’re looking for an easy all natural air freshener, try simmering a pot of water, plus 1 tsp of cinnamon on the stovetop. It’ll fill your home with the warm, soothing scent of cinnamon, naturally.

Happy Green Cleaning!

Peace ~ Melinda

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  1. Great job, Mom/SimplySmitten! <3

    And congrats, Valerie, you've nearly reached a thousand followers... just one more to go... :D

  2. Thanks Valerie, it looks great! :) What fun this was, thanks again for the opportunity!

    Thanks Tay ~ I plan on posting today... I'm going to get her that 1000th follower!! ;)

  3. Thanks Taylor Lynn and Melinda, I appreciate all your support!!

  4. I love green cleaning. I have an arsenal of recipes I use. I'm real big into steam cleaning also. My first thought when I use something now is 'Is it ok if my kids lick this.' LOL! If it's not, it is banned from my house.

  5. Everything Soap Blog, I love steam cleaning too. I just recently got my steam cleaners and I am hooked!

  6. I love the recipes, thanks Smitten!!

  7. Everything Soap~ that is the best reasoning I've heard in a long time! Someday we'll all live that way! :)

    Renee~ thanks for reading, I've got tons more... ;)

    Valerie ~ I just posted on my blog about this feature. I'm hoping to get you that 1000th follower! :)

  8. Having studied aromatherapy years ago, I totally concur with the above info. You really can't go past vinegar and sodi bicarb as the best all-round cleaners!

  9. Wow Melinda, you really know your stuff! I swear, you should write a book!

    Thanks for the tips, I know the fumes from most all commercial cleaners and air fresheners give me an instant migraine, so it's great to know about the alternatives.


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