Be Inspired - Plastic

Words to Inspire

“Creative power, is that receptive attitude of expectancy which makes a mold into which the plastic and as yet undifferentiated substance can flow and take the desired form.”
Thomas Troward

Idea to Inspire

Recycle some plastic today.  Find a unused plastic container and find a use for it in your studio, or cut up a empty plastic bottle and use it in you art.

Photos to Inspire

I love when I can find photos of everyday items that look like art.  Today's Flickr collection is full of amazing photos plastic objects

Plastic bouquet
Plastic bouquet by Rob Overcash Photography (robotography)

Plàstic de bombolles
Plàstic de bombolles by mansmith

Scrap Plastic Bits
Scrap Plastic Bits by hz536n

Plastic sunset
Plastic sunset by tasawa69
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  1. You always pick great photos. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Intersting, I was trying to figure out what that first one was. Looks like the top of plastic knives, not sure...

  3. I love finding beauty in unexpected things... thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you so much for this inspiration! I look forward to your posts!!!

  5. That top one is my fave. Awesome photography!

    I hope you'll swing by my blog and enter the new giveaway. It's for candy!


  6. Love the photos, especially that first one! :)


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