New Inspiration Source

When I created my sterling silver jewelry collection I collected art magazines, art show fliers and brochures, catalogs, and anything else that I could get my hands on that was full of pictures.

I liked pictures of a lot of things, buildings, other jewelry artists, shapes and textures.  I have several notebooks filled with magazine pictures, and other things that I collected.  When I need a little inspiration I page through those books for ideas.

When I decided I wanted to create a new collection (my hardware jewelry) my old sources of inspiration just did not seem to work for me and my new collection.

I wanted this collection to be young and fresh and I found myself reading teen magazines, checking out online sources, and going to shops for the younger customer.  These days when I am looking at things for inspiration it's all about texture and color.  

Now that I have been creating the hardware jewelry collection for a few years, I am inspired by all new things.  I still enjoy looking at art magazines, and catalogs, but I am more inspired just sitting at my desk and digging through my hardware collection.

As you have grown as an artists has what inspires you changed from when you started creating?
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  1. I suppose that must be that once you have your product style set, you really just let the materials take over the design.

    Lately I've been obsessing over pattern- specifically very simple, bold, graphic ones. Fortunately you can find that anywhere from people's clothes passing you by on the street to TV, to blogland- everywhere!

  2. I think once you really get into it, you find your own style and the ideas come out of you, rather need bringing the ideas in.

  3. I experiment a lot!
    I also have idea's that pop up in dreams as well!


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