Be Inspired - The Color Red

Words to Inspire

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.
Bo Bennett

Idea to Inspire

Red is the symbol of life, vitality, and passion.

It is good for:

♦ increased enthusiasm and interest
♦ more energy
♦ action and confidence to go after your dreams
♦ protection from fears and anxieties

Add some red to your artwork and even your life today.

Photos to Inspire

This Flickr collections is full of life and passion.  Let the color red inspire you today.

Red by GibZilla

Red by NaturalLight

Red rose
Red rose by flod

Red Sun Set / sun / set / ( sunset )
Red Sun Set / sun / set ( sunset ) by Bahman Farzad

Red Japanese Maple
Red Japanese Maple by honey 77

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  1. Thanks for helping me decide what color to wear today :)


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