Deconstructing Inspiration

I am working on a big a project that involves the study of how artist use and interpret a source of inspiration.

While meeting with one of the artists I am working with, he talked about the deconstruction of an inspiration source. This is a idea that as artist we all do, but don't think about.

When I go some place new I have to check out my surroundings and look at all the light fixtures (I love contemporary light fixtures) and the paintings, and other artwork and furniture.  My sister always tells me she can see the little light bulb over my head while I deconstruct and turn everything into jewelry.

Light Fixtures
Light Fixtures by sunlocked
I love this fixture - see the possibilities?
I have found that even if it's not something I like but find intriguing I will still break it down into parts until I find something that inspires for me.

That's how I am when I watch fashion show, I may not like the clothes but parts of an outfit or element of the style intrigue me and those parts can be very inspiring.

When you see something inspiring do you find yourself deconstructing it into artwork?
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  1. When I'm reading to my baby girl sometimes I get inspired by the illustrations and start thinking about new designs...until my baby complains and I have to keep reading. :)

  2. I deconstruct things in my head, not to use them as inspiration for new things per se, but more to figure out how it's made so I can make replicas. I do this with clothing a lot... if there's something in a store I love but don't have the money to buy it (or want it in a different material/color), I'll take pics of it and figure it out.

  3. I am always looking at things and trying to make color schemes that translate well into beadwork. I have a whole book full of palletes I have made. I also look at the design aspects of everything now that I bead. I work with crystal beads and glass seed beads so I also study how everything appears to look in the lighting around it. - Debbie

  4. Deconstructing for sure. sometimes i grab a piece of paper and jot down just the things i want to remember about something. not necessarily an exact replica. but one maybe two aspects of it. the mind then shoots it into a different media material. yes, deconstruct happens with artists daily.


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