A Winter Visit

I spent the past weekend in Minneapolis, MN visiting my family, and they have a crazy amount of snow in Minneapolis this year.
My parents backyard
They have had snow every week since the end of November and now they have 35" of snow on the ground (almost waist high for me).  I can't remember their being that much snow on the ground since I was a little girl.

It was a busy weekend and lots of running around on snowy streets, but I was able to check out my favorite recycled hardware shop and found all of these new and interesting finds.  I can't wait to get some new pieces put together and posted in my Etsy shop.

I love to visit that shop, it's always so inspiring!  It's full of special finds that you can't find at any ordinary hardware store, and I love sharing those finds in my new creations.

Do you have a special place that has items that make your designs unique? How do you feel when you go there to shop?

Side Note
I also have a new collection of gemstone and hardware cluster necklaces.  I will be adding them to my shop all week.

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  1. Snow! And a lot of it it! Wow!!

    I love perusing a little antique shop near me...it's relaxing and somehow I always seem to get inspired!

  2. Whoa! Too much snow for me! Glad you were able to visit your family and visit your favorite shop too!


  3. Stella would love all of that snow!!!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments on our blog. Your blog absolutely rocks!

  5. That is serious snow. We had 6" here in South Carolina....a disaster!

  6. I can't imagine having to dig your way through all that snow regularly. Sheesh...that's pretty crazy! Glad you got to get some new materials that inspire you! Love the new gemstone cluster necklaces too, they're great!

  7. Wow. Beautiful, but cold, and I'm glad we haven't been "blessed" with it here!

    Favorite shop for special things: Rebuilders, which sounds somewhat similar to your place. So many interesting bits there....


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