Just For You

We design, we create, we sell.  When was the last time you made something for yourself?

I have been selling my jewelry for more then 15 years and I never make pieces just for me.

Why don't we make things for ourselves?   I think we should take a little time off and create ourselves something special.  Make things we want to make, regardless of whether or not it will sell.

Use the time to create things that we normally would not make or even try a new medium.  I love to pull out my paints and canvas and create things for my house.  It's even more fun when I include my family and we create art together.

We create beautiful things all the time we have to remember sometimes we need to create things just for us.

Do you ever create just for yourself?

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  1. Lately, I've been spending a lot more time doing stuff for myself than for my shop (which I'm working on changing because my shop won't succeed if I don't put things in it). Today I'm actually working on finishing up a 4ft x 5ft map of London that I'm painting for one of my walls. It will be epic and I hope I have the persistence to finish it quickly so I can get my work space back! :)

  2. Good for you for creating things for yourself. Your map project sounds really cool. Maybe you will take pictures of it and put it on your blog!

  3. You know, I start out creating a lot of jewelry pieces for myself - then when I get them done, I think "I should sell that - it's perfect". So, I end up putting it in my studio on Artfire! I don't go out a lot and don't really wear a lot of fancy jewelry, so I list it!

  4. I swear my inner creativity is a child. If I don't stop and make my self a new dress, piece of jewelery, hair ditty, or something to make my studio more lively it refuses to come up with new ideas.


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