Collage Inspiration

In my creative quest, I like to learn about different mediums, try a variety of techniques, and experiment with new materials.

When I need a little inspirations I work in different mediums, sometimes I paint or work with paper, but I have never quite mastered the art of collage.  I believe collage is one of the most expressive art forms.

Original Mixed Media Abstract Painting by juliesteinrart

Interesting info about collage:

♦ Did you know that the word collage originated with the French word coller which means "to paste or stick".

♦ It is said that Cubism - a new way of representing reality in art - invented by Picasso and Baraque from 1907 - 1908 started the idea of collage.


♦ Collage - defined by Paula Grasdal an author and artists - "As an intuitive process of concealing and revealing, add and subtracting, until the desired result emerges from the layers"

Book by Paula Grasdal

To create a collage you don't have to be a skilled painter or good at drawing, it is the art of putting together unlimited pieces or objects.

You can work on a variety of surfaces, creating one-dimensional paper based collages, add in mixed media to create two-dimensional effect, or use collage to decorate a three-dimensional object, the ideas are limitless.

Songbird Mixed Media Shadowbox by jackandcatcurio

Give collage a try, pull out some basic art supplies, a few magazines, and start layering.  See where the act of creating something new takes you, and how it inspires you.

Do you work in different mediums when you need inspiration?

Are you a collage artist?  I'd love to see your work, share a link to your work in the comments section.
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  1. I agree with your statement about collage being one of the most expressive art forms and I really should indulge in it more! Happy New Year! Val

  2. Thanks Valerie, Happy New Year to you too!


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