Art Movies

Have you ever seen a movie that changed your mind about an artist or their art?

I enjoy movies about art and artists.  When I saw the movie Fredia about Fredia Kahlo, she was not one of my favorite artists.  I really enjoyed this movie!  Learning about her life and her creative process made me appreciate her work and want to see more.
Salma Heyek as Frida

I love Jackson Pollock's work, I even did a post about his work, check it out here.  The movie Pollock was amazing visually and a fascinating story that made me love his work even more.

Jackson Pollock at work
Their are a lot of movies about artists and art, check out this list of the 10 Best Movies About Artists.

Watching these movie opened up my eyes to their creative process, and artist lifestyles. It gave me a new appreciation of these artists and their work.

What about you?  Have you seen movie that changed your view about an artist or the art process?

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  1. Your post came at a good time for me, thank you!

  2. I was fascinated by Frida Khalo back in art history class years ago, but can't say I really appreciated her art at the time. Years later, I saw the movie and was moved again by the story of her personal struggle and it really made me appreciate her art more as well. Haven't seen Pollock (wanted to when it came out, but forgot about it). You've inspired me to check it out again.


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