Unique Ideas to Fill a Vase

This time of year it may be more challenging to find the perfect flowers to fill a vase for the center of your holiday table, and more expensive. 

Here are some fun, inexpensive, and creative ways to create a beautiful centerpiece.

Start with a vase in your favorite shape and then fill with:

Coffee Beans
Tiny pine cones or gourds
Evergreen sprigs

Glass ornaments
Fiber - textured fabric or yarn
Bare branches

Use these ideas as a starting point to let your imagination transform a vase into a beautiful holiday centerpiece.
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  1. Pretty!
    I've done cranberries and then white roses for a Holiday centerpiece...always looks great!

  2. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the Christmas balls. Such an easy way to bring the holidays in without having to hang anything!


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