New Use for an Everyday Organizer

I love it when I see something and my repurpose little light bulb goes off in my head.

I was shopping the other day and I saw an over-the-door shoe storage hanger with clear pockets (Bing).  Instantly, I started thinking of alternative ways to use it beyond shoe storage.

Since it is the holiday season why not use it to store holiday decorations:
  1. Lights - separate by color, size or style
  2. Garland - separate by length, color or type 
  3. Trinkets - choose the size pocket based on the size of the item 
  4. Wrapping materials - ribbon, bows or gift tags
The nice thing about this type of organization it can hang inside a closet door and be out of sight but still accessible.  If you have a shoe hanger with opaque pockets use a permanent marker or sticky label for easy identification of items in each pocket.

After the holidays the shoe hanger can be removed form the door, and rolled up and stored away for next year.

What would you store?

Pam Moore
Open Space

Pam Moore - An aspiring organizer attempting to conquer one space at a time. As a professional coordinator, she sees the big picture, then breaks it down into details, to achieve end results. She uses these skill in organizing spaces by assessing clients needs and collaboratively finding solutions for functional spaces. You won't need an organizer, you can look forward to tips and tricks through out the year to organize your own space.

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  1. I've been looking for these clear shoe organizers! I've only been able to find the fabric/canvas ones around here (I don't want to pay $25 either! lol). I like to use these for my paints, glues, heat gun, etc.! I've worn out my previous one... ; )

  2. I have one hanging on the inside of the door of the closet in my studio. It collects all sorts of small bits and pieces from paint brushes still in their package, to bells, to cookie cutters, address labels, a box of chalk, a clip-on book light... pretty much anything I don't have another place for but need to be able to find periodically!!! Works beautifully but mine never gets taken down, rolled up and put away ;-)

  3. Those shoe organizers are great for a variety of items. Great suggestions Lotus and Arlene. Thanks for sharing!


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