Be Inspired - The Wreath

Words to Inspire

“Symbolizing eternal hope, the wreath goes 'round and 'round, And where it starts or ends cannot be found. Woven of things that grow - for life, and hung for holiday delight."

Idea to Inspire

green wreath
green wreath by craftapalooza

Create this fun and easy button wreath for your holidays. Here is a easy to follow tutorial from Craftapalooza.

Photos to Inspire

This Flickr collection showcases the beauty of the holiday wreath.

Aqua, Green Wreath
Aqua, Green Wreath by Adeline Country Cottage

new wreath
New wreath by savannahchik

Christmas traditions - feathery wreath
Christmas Traditions - feathery wreath by Kumukulanui

Fall Wreath, Explore #135, October 19, 2009
Fall Wreath, Explore #135 by Puzzler4879

Another Wreath
Another Wreath by moxie-girl
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  1. Fun wreaths!
    Love the button one...think I'm going to try that...thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous picks. I LOVE that button one:)


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