Shopping with Men

Did you know that 70% of all shopping is done by women? Men prefer to get in, find what they are looking for, make their purchase, and leave. 

Woman like the journey or hunt of shopping, discovering new shops, touching their favorite items, trying things on, and leaving with the latest styles.  It's this journey that men don't like. 

Men like to shop prepared.  They research items before they purchase them, they know what questions they are going to ask when they get to the store, making it easier to make their purchase and get out. 

My husband enjoys the hunt, and shopping in general.  We can easily spend a whole day hanging out shopping.

What is it like to shop with a men in your life?  Have a story, please share.
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  1. Mine hates the mall or anything like that, but as soon as we go to Costco, I can't get him to leave!! :)

  2. I'm a little of both. My husband is a gleaner; he'll walk into a store and come out with half a dozen things that are on sale, things we might need or something that looked good to him and was well priced...

  3. I love shopping! My guy likes to watch me shop because he gets a kick out of watching me enjoy it so much. I like the hunt and most of the time I don't spend money, just look until I can afford.

  4. My husband is completely as you wrote)
    Enter, choose, buy, leave the shop)
    And he can't understand how I can spend 2-3hours for shopping?


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