Journal Prompt - Holiday Memories

It's that time of the year, we create new memories with family and friends.

I'm sure, like me, you have funny stories, events, and mishaps from all your previous holidays.  This is the perfect time of year to document these events so you can share them in the future.

This year take out your journal and write down what you enjoyed most about the holidays.  They are a great way to  document the stories of your life, keep track of holiday traditions, as well as be an inspiration when you create.

Do you have stories for previous holidays that yoiu have written down?
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  1. Memories will always be with you. I usually do not write them down unless they have a very special impact on me. I used to write about everything but now I can say I am not a writing person. I just act. Plus: the blog helps to gather the positive and beautiful out of holidays, whether I have been there physically or with my mind.

  2. I wish I did a bit more of this. I used to teach elementary school and kids would say things to me that I just had to write down but by the time I had the chance...poof, out of my head again. Good memories and bad...I just have so much going on that sometimes I can't hold on to them...


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