Hand Painted Accessories

Today I have a colorful collection of accessories that are beautiful pieces of art. These Etsy artists show us that hand painted accessories are the perfect addition to showing off your personal style.

All Colors Hand Painted natural silk flower brooch by simut

Sunset Van Gogh Inspired Bird Landscape by learntosee

Silk Scarf Hand Painted Accessories by silkshop

Spiral Theme Hand Painted Paper Parasol by ARTintersect

Stop by each shop and see all the amazing hand painted items they have created.

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  1. wow i love the clutch and the silk brooch especially! what gorgeous finds!
    mitzi xx

  2. Beautiful scarf! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow, a big surrpise for me to see my silk brooch featured in your blog! Thank you very much Valerie! :)

  4. Wonderful Blog! I love it and the Creative Everyday idea!
    I use my blog in a similar way, trying to post something I've made or ideas for projects or works in progress, mostly for me but anyone can look at it... it's such a great way to stay inspired and motivated.
    here's the link to my blog:


    [it has links to Etsy, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr]

    THANK YOU for including one of my hand painted parasols!!

  5. Great finds, I love the brooch and clutch especially. Thank you very much for featuring my scarf on your beautiful bog:)

  6. Stopping over from etsy forums! What beautiful hand painted pieces. I especially love that orange and red clutch. Thanks so much for sharing these!


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