This past weekend I saw the movie Wall Street 2. I found the movie interesting, and if you are interested in wall street or the financial market then you may enjoy this movie as well.

There was a lot of talk about speculation of the market, in the movie and it got me thinking about art and selling on line.

As artists we speculate what we think will sell everyday. At the beginning of the spring season I was really excited about two new collection Hardware in Bloom, and Vibrant Hardware. I thought they were really cool and would be fun to wear. Well, to make a long story short, I did not sell one piece. (I still have a few piece available in my Zibbet shop, if you would like to check them out.)

After spending the summer revamping my Etsy shop taking all new pictures, working on my tags and titles, updating my shop policies and bio, I realized what was selling best in my shop were the item made with only hardware and not embellished.

I speculated that my customers wanted something different because I did. As artists we get to decide what we want to create, but we speculate what will sell.

I always create items that I like, use materials that work for me, but I have found that I only list the items that I think have the possibilities of selling.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you create and sell what you like regardless of if it would sell or not? Do you create only item you know will sell?
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  1. I sell vintage, so it's a little different for me. I'm am amazed though, at what sells sometime and what doesn't. There's different tastes for everyone.

  2. I have been selling online for almost 4 years now. Jewelry is difficult to market since the competition is so vast out there. I stumbled upon a couple of nitch items when experimenting with what sells and what doesn't. Hence, those items are my focus. I find that completely different items sell in person. It's interesting!

  3. I have a difficult time making things I don't like. So I would say I only make what I like. But you are right, that doesn't always sell. And the things I like to create most are usually a gift for someone special, so are not for sale. It is tough to anticipate the demand for things for sure!

  4. I actually create items at random based on whatever materials are available to me. I am slowly but surely discovering my "sellers". So addition to making what I'm discovering are my "sellers", I would venture to say that I will continue to make what I like and post them and see what happens.

  5. I only make what I like, but my tastes are constantly evolving, so some things I used to love have fallen from favor. It's a surprise to me sometimes when something doesn't sell that I thought would be a 'sure thing' -- and it just languishes in my shop.

    Great post, very insightful!

  6. I have never made something based on whether or not it would be "sellable" and never will. Everything I make is because of an idea or inspiration that I would like to bring to life.

    Great post! And, thanks for visiting me today!


  7. very interesting post. i can see the tug do you create just what you like or create what you think will sell? i think that's when it becomes really important to know who your market is. i'm like your other buyers if i'm going to buy jewelry on etsy i want something different & out of the box. i think being truly creative we have to make what we love.

  8. I have written about this on my blog. I try to straddle both-I make rather unique felted pieces for the home and for fashion, shall we say. I put much time into my creations and have a new line of felted mini art quilts. I have been on Etsy for almost a year and have not had many sales. I'd say I have not found my niche yet. I find the most gratification from other artists on sites dedicated to my craft.

    I make what I like and try not to think of what will sell - but in the end, that's what we do want...yes, a real tug for sure!


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