Be Inspired - Amazing Fibers

Words to Inspire

The best changes often start as single, simple thoughts. Think big, and discover how to make your dreams real.

Idea to Inspire

There are so many beautiful fibers! Find a ways to add fiber to your art work, learn to knit or crochet and make yourself a scarf, go to a yarn store and walk around and enjoy all the inspiring colors and textures.

Photos to Inspire

Today an amazing collection of fiber from Flickr. The color, texture, and shapes are very inspiring, enjoy these beautiful pictures.

Beach by gramarye

JSI by Kirpernicus

freeform knit & crochet fabric closeup by freeform by prudence

Regalia Pendant close up by fancypicnic

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  1. Great pieces! I love fabrics and yarns but for some reason I am horrible with knitting, crocheting and sewing!!!!

  2. I wish I had the talent as well. Great pics.

  3. These are gorgeous! Looks a bit like the photography blog I just visited. Love the versatility in your blog!

  4. those pics look so rich. i'm currently trying my hand a spinng fabric yarn it's a slow process...lol, but i'm enjoying it.

  5. Those are GORGEOUS! I love the first. Since my last attempt at crocheting ended up with a fishing hook through my hand (don't ask), I'll stick to letting other people create my knit goods :)

  6. Wow, these are really inspiring! Especially the orange/ blue one. It reminds me of a landscape....maybe the beach? So neat.

  7. wow,, I really love these!! Super inspirational as always!

    <3 Kelly


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