2011 Diary Project

Recently in the Etsy forums I ran a post about the 2011 Diary Project. It's an opportunity to design a page in a diary and list your website for FREE.

Here is the basic Information from the website:

You want to design a page?

If you are an artist, crafter, photographer, musician, poet... and if you promote
your art by the web, you can be part of this project.
It is free and it is an opportunity for you to have a free publicity,
with no obligation of purchase.

New size: 8½" x 7". Each date will be designed by a different creator and will be printed on a high quality, opaque, recycled paper. There will be 2 dates in each page, 3 notes pages, 7 address pages, 12 months pages, 1 introduction pages, 1 year pages, a 2012 page, and 7 positive message design. Total: 208 pages, with 397 different designs.
Some covers will have a design, and some will be plain, to decorate it as you like.
There will be also the CD version that will contain the
complete pdf file, ready to print, with instructions.
With the CD, you go to a photocopy center and you ask for the quantity of book you want, with the paper of your choice, the cover color of your choice, the color spiral of your choice.

For more information click the link below.

Diary 2011

Don't hesitate, there are only a few pages left for this great opportunity.

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  1. Yeah, I did it. It was a nice little challenge because of the size, but I can't wait to see the final product! Some free exposure too.

  2. Trixie, that's awesome! It's such a good idea, and a great opportunity.

  3. Awesome!! I completely forgot about this project!! I designed a page, a couple of years ago!

    <3 Kelly


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