Create a Vacation Art Kit

As a jewelry artist it's difficult to take my supplies with me on vacation and create jewelry, but I still want to keep my artistic juices flowing. So when I'm on vacation I paint.

Painting is one of those thing I aways wish I could do well, but have not mastered. I like to create simple abstract painting, and most of them I do when I travel. I find it very relaxing and an enjoyable way to stay creative.

Thanks to my painter friends, they helped me put together a kit I could take with me on vacation.

My kit contains a travel watercolor paint set, a paint brush with water in the handle so I can paint anytime and anywhere. Watercolor colored pencils (they can be used as pencils or I can add water and they create a watercolor effect on my paper), markers, regular pencils, and a eraser. All my supplies fit in a small makeup bag and it's easy to pack. Also easy to pack is my journal, sketchbook and paper to paint.

You could easily put together a kit for yourself. There are travel size art supplies for pretty much everything. You just have to decide what you would like to work on while on vacation and start searching the web to find supplies that will work for you.

I enjoy taking a few minutes out each day to paint and put down any new ideas. It gives me time to relax, and I still get to feel creative while I'm on vacation.

What do you like to do to stay creative while on vacation?

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  1. I most always have an art kit with me, fun reading about what you put into your kit!

  2. i do this too! Only problem is I usually don't get to doing any artwork. Maybe I'll just opt for a sketch pad and pencil next time and not put any pressure on myself to paint. I am lovin' my new nikon and to me it feels a lot like art just shooting away.
    thanks for the post!

  3. Like Jill, I like taking photos when I'm out of the house. The painting goes on inside, mostly abstract, and highly relaxing.

  4. that kit is so cute!!! I love it! :D
    I'm so tempted to buy one!


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