5 Minutes - Be Happy

If you have five minutes these five ideas can make you smile.

Call a friend

Flip through a magazine for a quick boost

Turn on your favorite song and dance around

Read to a child

Slowly savor some chocolates

Sometime the simplest ideas are the happiest moments in a day.

Share 5 minute moments that make you happy?
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  1. Gotta go with the chocolate. My son takes 10 minutes to choose a book, so it takes longer than 5 minutes. :)

  2. I get so many ideas going through magazines! I rip out anything that appeals to me, and if it's an object I try and figure out how to make it. Time flies when I'm designing things in my head!

  3. Turning on a favourite song and dancing around to it - is just the sort of thing I like to do - it lifts ones mood (or is a great distraction when you don't want to do household chores)!

  4. Re-reading my journal. Drawing. Making a list of things.

    <3 Kelly



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