Bra Art

I read a post the other day that said the bra was 100 years old. I thought what a cool idea to celebrate the bra by showing art created showcasing the bra. Well after a little research I found out the bra tuned 100 in 2007. Since I found some really cool items on Etsy featuring the bra, I'm still going to share these amazing pieces with you today.

Sexy Lingerie by jrandall

Leather Mandi Bra pouch/purse with bow by bambina

Lacy Hang up by WendyJNZ

History of the Brassieres Digital Download Collage by petitepaperie

Anything can be inspiration, what can you create with a bra?

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  1. Guess you can create art with anything...the second one is way cute, :)

  2. I love the second one, too! the grandma with the giant pink panties and the enormous bra is hilarious. Looks like you could put watermelons in there...LOL

  3. What wonderful finds! The "break out" one cracked me up, that first one made me wonder, "Why is it on the studio floor? Hmmm..."

    Art is truly where you find it!


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