Rules for Success - Part 2

Here is the rest of the list from yesterdays post, with more great tips and ideas for running your business.

Rules for Success - Part 2

Avoid Procrastination - Here are some basic reason we procrastinate, fear of success, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of responsibilities, fear of failure, lack of motivation, lack of skill, lack of preparation. Figure out what causes you to procrastinate and work on avoiding them.

Diversify your market - We hear this all the time, sell a variety of items within your medium at a variety of price points. You will make more money if you try to have something for everyone.

Focus - This one is easy to say, but we all know their are always distractions. Put your working hours on your calendar and use a daily to-do list to keep you on track. Here is a blog post with some quick and easy tricks for creating and using your to-do list.

Create a business plan - It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a simple outline with goals and action steps will be a good start.

Integrate charitable donation into your marketing plan - It's good for business and for the soul. Donate often.

Maintain good health and take care of yourself - When you are running a business online you are basically sitting all day long. Find ways to exercise throughout your day, drink lots of water, and don't forget to take a break, and have quite time for yourself.

Break large projects into smaller chunks - I have a big project I have been working on for 6 months now and I always felt like I was not getting anywhere. Then I found this idea 15 minutes, and for the past few months I have made real progress.

Add pleasure to your tasks - Decorate you work space, buy colorful accessories, get a comfortable chair, design a space you love and want to work in.

Plan ahead - Create to-d0 lists, prepare your work space the night before so you can start your day creating.

Don't strive for perfection - Don't become consumed at making everything Italicperfect everyday, it's hard to do and if you don't achieve it just adds unnecessary stress.

Continually educate - For yourself, your business, and your art.

It was a long list, but I hope you found some ideas you can use to build your own success.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all this info! Very helpful and inspiring:)

  2. You've just added to what I've been feeling recently. Thank you!

  3. I so needed to see your tips today--thanks!


  4. great ideas and inspiration--i had to laugh when i read the one about procrastinating since i am doing exactly that right now!

  5. You got me with the first one! I'm a terrible procrastinator but I've turned it into something good - for event planning, at least, I'm great with last-minute changes because I'm used to doing everything at the last minute!

  6. Awesome list. I think my biggest issue is avoiding procrastination. Eek.


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