Journal Prompt - What do you Love about Creating?

While reading about Presh and her wonderful jewelry on her blog My Jewelry Blog, she said "I believe I am living my life the way I was meant to.", and it got me thinking about creating and life.

I know I was meant to make jewelry, sometimes I wish it would not have taken me so long to figure that out.

What about you, are you creating what you were meant to create?

Take a few minutes with your journal/sketchbook and list all the things you love about creating and what you create.

If you want to get creative with your list draw pictures, use cut up magazines, or add color and designs.

When it's complete save your list and use it every time you need a little boost or an idea for your next project.

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  1. This is such an awesome Idea!!! I never thought about trying this to get the ole creative juices flowing!!!!!

  2. love the idea....there are lots of days i need inspired and just gotta let the imagination flow...:)

  3. Some days the ideas flow so thick and fast that I sketch furiously. Sometimes they end up in my journal but more often than not they're on sheets of paper that fly around and sometimes get lost. I need to be more organised!

  4. I write in a journal most mornings right after I get up and pour a cup of java. I sometimes write drivel, and sometimes am quite inspired! I wasn't really able to do this until about 2 years ago when the children stopped needing me in the morning. (they are 17 and 21 now) I was also able to arrange my work schedule to start later to give me more time in the am to do this sort of thing. Occasionally I draw, paste, collage, etc., in an art journal, too.

  5. Don't have regrets about how long it took you to figure it out, regrets weigh one down. It's all a journey, and your work is beautiful!


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