What's Your Favorite City?

When I was young, every year my family of 5 took a two week camping vacation in our VW Van . We traveled to 48 states in our wonderful country, and saw all the beauty that each state had to offer.

We always stopped at all the tourist spots, I have seen the big ball of string, visited Dodge City, went to a snake farm, walked in Salt Lake, and played in the snow in a halter top and shorts (it was the 60's) in Yellowstone Park.

I was lucky to have been able to travel all over, and I remember how much fun we used to have as a family.

One place I have not been and I hope to one day visit is Alaska. I am still working on my husband and hope it is something we can do in the near future.

There are so many city's I love, but my favorite is my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's a beautiful city full of lakes, a wonderful art community, and it's hip and fun.

Do you have a favorite city that you have visited or want to visit? Why is it your favorite?

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  1. My husband wants to ride his Harley to Alaska. It is something a few of our friends have done and they say it is UNBELEIVABLE! The views are amazing. I don't really have a desire to go there. My desire is to go to Sicily. I hope you do go to Alaska. From what I hear from our friends who visited and lived there it is really something! :)

  2. what an adventurous childhood you had, that sounds like something i would love to do now!

  3. I hope someone in your fam still has the VW! Those are collector items! Favorite city that I've visited outside of the beautiful city of roses, Portland, Or...is.....Sedona, Az. Hoping to get to Alaska someday too!

  4. Jenni, someone drove the van until the late 80's, but then engine gave out. My parents took it to a lake where one of their friends had a cabin and retired it there. When they went to visit they slept in it for a few more years until it they moved and it went to a junk yard. We still talk about it at family dinners.

  5. Wow! how lucky! I'd love to visit Yosemite. I love Sedona too. I actually got married there last year. :)

  6. I so wish I had a VW van now. I love taking car trips with my kids but hate the thought of something really big (like an RV).

    Favorite city? In the US? Um.....San Francisco probably. Hard to say, so many great ones, why limit myself?

  7. My husband and I also want to visit Alaska, but after reading several Alaskan political blogs, we have decided to postpone our trip for a while.

    It seems that the current Governor, Gov. Parnell, has appointed unqualified people to wildlife agencies with the result of wolf hunts from helicopters. An entire wolf pack was killed just outside a national park where a 16-year study was still underway.

    One of the new nominees owns a taxidermy store and sells wolf traps. He believes it is his biblical duty to skin animals to clothe humans.

    Regardless of your political perspective, I think anyone who has longed to see the beauty that is Alaska has to agree that the wildlife there is key to that beauty.

    Not all Alaskans support Gov. Parnell's destructive agenda. Small business will be hurt by a drop in tourism, but many activists there are saying that staying away is the only way to make them change these blood-lust exterminations.

    Wolves are not the only wildlife endangered by these policies. Alaska leaders starting with the last governor there, have been working to remove Polar Bears from the protected species list. They are also supporting policies that are so pro-business that it will mean unlimited pollution of fresh water lakes and rivers (endangering the salmon runs and drinking water if mines get to dump waste into these waters) and harm whales.

    As much as we want to visit Alaska (and we are talking decades of wanting to do so), we will not until these policies are rescinded. How could we allow our tourist dollars support such an agenda? Just saying it is something worth considering. We might make a real difference if we write or email the Governor and the Tourist agency there explaining why we will not visit the state. Sorry to get on a soapbox, but most of us haven't heard about these horrid slaughters and rampant pollution policies.

    BTW, Seattle and San Antonio are my two favorite cities.


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