Photo's to Inspire - Cultural Textures

The world is full of beautiful textures and each cultural shares its textures with us through their wonderful art. Today's Flickr collection is amazing art from all over the world. Be Inspired!

Congo Pende Mask by RasMarley

French Tapestry - Emile Bernard (1868 - 1941) by RasMarley

Eagle Totem - Stanley Park by kk+

Jaguar beaded Huichol art by Wonderlane

和紙 - Washi by bass nroll

What visual images inspire you? Let me know and I will pull together a Flickr collection, and share that you are the source of inspiration for the week they are posted.

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  1. that beaded jaguar is mind-blowing!
    i wonder how long that would have taken! i wish i had that amount of patience!

  2. I'm so in love with that beaded jaguar. Simply awesome!!!!

  3. Great inspiration shots! I love all the different colors and textures... they are all so gorgeous! ;)

  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. =)


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