Artist to Know - Herb Williams

This weeks artist works with a medium that we have all used at least once in your life and uses it in an unexpected way. Enjoy, his work is amazing.

Herb Williams

Herb Williams creates amazing sculptures with thousands of individual crayons. The process of working with the crayons and turning them into something that was not the intend use for the crayon, intrigued him right from the start.

He is one of the only individuals who has an account with crayola crayons. He orders each color individually packed (3000 to a case) and cut them down to the length he needs. He bonds the paper—not the wax—to a form I have carved or cast, completely covering it with crayons.

Here is a quote from his Plunderland artist statement:
"I often begin a work without fully realizing why I have to create it, rather a strange inner drive to make solid that which is just dream-like subconscious internalizing all of the inordinate stimuli around me. It is usually only after I have finished a work that the total realization and comprehension of meaning behind the work becomes apparent."

Read more about Herb William at his website Herb Williams Art and see more of his work on his Flickr page.

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  1. What an incredible artist! A genius to see those shapes and then construct them with crayons! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love artists that use unusual mediums to make interesting sculptural objects. The best part is when you can't tell what it is from far away, but see it clearly up close. The pink dress seems like a great example of this. I am not always that into contemporary art because it tend to be "weird" but this technique always gets me inspired! I even wrote a blog post about contemporary art and how I feel about it here:


  3. That has got to be so much fun! Amazing!

  4. WOW! I love the idea of using a common item in a new way. Thanks for posting :)


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